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Houghton Furniture Company


Rudham table Kent mirror windsor chiar

Houghton Hall was built for Great Britain's first Prime Minister, Sir Robert Walpole, and is a fine example of early 18th Century Palladian style.

The interiors on the State Floor, with their sumptuous fabrics and carved and gilded furniture, were decorated by one of the Georgian Age's greatest architectural designers, William Kent. However, Sir Robert Walpole ordered a range of much simpler furniture for the family rooms. Many of these tables, chairs and benches are virtually unique to Houghton and are remarkable for their detail and perfect proportions. These are the pieces that form the basis of the Houghton Furniture Collection. There is also a modern low table adapted from one of the original hall tables.

The furniture in the Collection is made in the workshops at Houghton under the supervision of cabinet maker, John Ives, and is stamped with our seal. All hardwoods are certified from sustainable sources.